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Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

 Jenn Castano, Office Manager

Jenn has been the Office Manager at Brook-Ellis Pet Hospital since February 2008, and has been working in the Veterinary field since 2001.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, camping, traveling and photography.  Jenn has 2 cats, "Norman" an orange tabby and "Jax" a brown and white tabby short haired cat.

  Melissa Morse, Receptionist

 Debbie Sharp, RVT

Debbie has been with Brook-Ellis Pet Hospital since 1994 and has been working in the Veterinary field for over 25 years.  In her spare time she enjoys fishing with her family and friends.  Debbie has two cats at home named "Noodles" and "Kharma".  Debbie completed her Veterinary Technician courses in April of 2004 and passed her CA state board exam in July, 2004.

Fidel Solorzano, Veterinary Assistant

Fidel began working at Brook-Ellis Pet Hospital in August of 1995.  He started in the veterinary field through ROP classes in high school.  When he isn't at work, he enjoys fishing, BBQ'ing and archery.   His favorite cat breed is the British Shorthair and his favorite breed of dog is the Brussels Griffon.

Ignacio Duran, Veterinary Assistant

Ignacio joined Brook-Ellis Pet Hospital in 2008, after completing veterinary assistant school.  He is the proud owner of "Hennessey" a four year old Siberian Husky.


 Pam Jacoby & Remington, Receptionist

Lauren Armstrong & Marston, Veterinary Assistant

Nicole Hendrick, Receptionist